Bahubali 2 HD movie

Finally, the day has come when people will find the answers to Why Katappa Killed Bahubali. The Epic war film with a Fictional story woven to give a cinematic experience to viewers has delivered it aptly. Bahubali is one such film which will leave an impact in minds of people forever. It is hard-hitting, spectacular, splendid and in all aspects fantastic to have worth a watch. Yes, we are unhappy, as there are some scenes which could have been edited which made it to the film. However, Bahubali 2 is one such film made to have a cinematic experience and enjoy it. Get Bahubali 2 full movie download HD print from here.



The films lift up from here it ended in the first part. Shivudu came to know about his life and the back-story of Amarendra Bahubali starts. Sivagami chooses Amarendra to be the next King but before that, she sends him to have a tour of the regions by disguising as a commoner. Amarendra Bahubali is stunned by her valor and falls in love with her. Then the love triangle between Bhallala Deva, Amarendra and Devsana starts. The marriage proposal sent by Sivagami is refused by Devsana seeing the materialistic things which boil the hatred of Sivagami towards her. There is one more twist before the actual question is answered of why Katappa killed Bahubali. Why did it happen? Why Sivagami sacrificed her life? The Climax is very intriguing and keeps you on the edge of the seat.

Although the first part of the movie is totally formed by the love story of Devasana and Amarendra, the second part has more of war, jealousy, hatred, drama in it.

Bahubali 2 HD full movie


Bahubali is beyond a single star movie. It has several iconic characters and all have played their part meticulously. Starting from Prabhas, every frame he is it in, he owns it. Be his romantic avatar or a heroic avatar, he presents an outstanding performance. This is his best role in his career.

Rana Dagubbati as shown has not much role in the first part and majority he is seen towards the climax of the movie. His beefed up body and grin expressions are so apt and enticing.

Katappa, one of the central characters of the film has comic tinge in the first half and of course, the twist behind his killing is really convincing.

Anushka Shetty as a warrior Princess has done a great job. Her chemistry is Prabhas on the big screen is really likable.

Ramya Krishnan playing the Rajmata is clever, sharp and has dark secrets in her characters. The fierce role could not possibly be carried by any other actress than her.

Tamannaah Bhatia is hardly used in the film and she has only a few scenes during the climax of the film.


Final Verdict

As promised, Bahubali provides Grandeur to the audiences which are bigger and better than the first half. This time the Mahismati Kingdom is far richer and the Kunthala Kingdom is even more beautiful. The cliffs, waterfalls, ships etc gives such a visual joy to the movie that you forget story at one point and lost in the Disney sequel land created by Rajmouli. Music of this part is not so good as compared to the first part and there is more of Drama than action in the first half of the film. Apart from these, the movie lifts up to its expectation and becomes a definite watch! You can start your Bahubali 2 movie full download from here.

Ratings: – 4/5